DigitalOcean $50 Credit Promo/Coupon Code


Product Type
Promo Code / Coupon Code
Email Delivery
Promo Period
12 Months
  • Valid for new DigitalOcean accounts only.
  • Can be used globally.
  • Delivered to your email address.

The Digital Ocean credit from GitHub Student Developer Pack is only applicable to new accounts. To redeem your $50.00 credit for Digital Ocean please follow these steps. Keep in mind that valid billing information (credit/debit card) will be required to create a new account with Digital Ocean. You will not be charged on this payment method as it is for account creation purposes only.

How To Redeem?

1. Go to
2. Create an account.
3. After creating your account go to your Settings page.
4. Select the Billing tab and scroll down to the Promo Code section located below the Credit Card field. Enter the code you received and click Apply Code.
5. You should see a promotional credit of $50.00 applied to your account.

Please Note: Unused promotional credit will expire 12 months after it is redeemed.